Through all of the demanding software development jobs of my career so far, long-ago memories of art school have always kept poking at me and reminding me that there is long ignored artistic creativity still to be reckoned with.

This creative energy, that has been bursting at the seams for me for a while now, has been held back by some very persistent perfectionist wiring in my head. My misguided understanding of things had me convinced that I had to wait to do my own creative projects … just until the perfect idea hit me, or just until the right job gave me the perfect work-life balance to be creative, or just until I found the perfect inspiration.

“Just until” has been decidedly elusive. This “waiting for the perfect conditions” state is very much like being stuck designing and noodling software code in order to get everything just right, perpetually holding off on actually running the program for fear of finding seemingly avoidable flaws that would, in turn, show I didn’t work at it enough to get it just right from the start.

Well, I have battled back the perfectionist in my brain, and have found the courage and wilfulness to get started on my own creative journey. I have to thank my many amazingly talented, courageous and generous friends who have led the way and have shown me that the key is really to just dive right in and to not keep waiting.

Now the creative program is running, and I am ready to face all the bugs, quirks, and exceptions thrown that will inevitably be there along the way. And here on this blog will be excerpts from my journey … my life, finally, at runtime.