November 8, 2013 – Working with raw WebGL

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Working with raw WebGL

[ image source: the Khronos Group ]

For anyone getting started with doing graphics coding on the web, I highly recommend looking at THREE.js, which is an excellent library/API that wraps WebGL nicely and makes doing web 3D a whole lot easier.

But for those who want to dive into raw WebGL (which will give you a much better understanding of what’s happening under the hood), here are some links to get you started:

( 1 )

( 2 ) Mozilla Developer Network’s “Getting Started With WebGL”

( 3 ) Dev.Opera’s “Raw WebGL 101”

And, of course, just doing a web search on “webgl” will turn up a lot more resources for you as well.

Okay, I’ll keep this post short as I’m going to give a bit more love to THREE.js in my next post.