November 5, 2013 – Illustrating, WebGL, and the Marvin Impulse Buy

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Illustrating, WebGL, and the Marvin Impulse Buy

It is fascinating how fast time just flies by sometimes. I had an extremely busy summer (being an entrepreneur has been keeping a great deal of hectic on my plate) that went by in, what seemed to be, a blink of an eye. Then that busy summer turned into a busy fall. And now here I am, realizing that I completely neglected this blog for quite a number of months.

Well, I am back! And I’ve got a bunch of posts coming, as there is a lot to catch you up on. There was a summer trip to Denver, Colorado, a recent trip to NYC/Brooklyn for the New York Comic Con, and a very cool project that is just kicking off.

But before I get into all that, I’m working on a couple of cool things at this very minute. The first is that I’m working on an illustration for an in-game “reward card” that’ll be used in an iOS game that my friends at Rocket 5 Studios are making. The second thing on the docket this week is a WebGL talk that I’ll be presenting for a JavaScript Tech Talk night at Bento Miso (the co-work space that I am a member of).

Doing the illustration for Rocket 5 has been fun, but it has been taking a bit of time as I really want to make it a great piece for their game. Along the way, I’ve taken a few photos of the work as I progressed on it … I’ll post some of those here at some point, but I want to check in with Rocket 5 first to see if it’s okay for me to post pics before the launch of their game.

By the way, the game is called “Phantom P.I. – Mission Apparition”. It’s really great looking (fantastic animations!) and it’s shaping up to be a very fun and entertaining game … I can’t wait for it to come out! Check out screen shots and the trailer for it here.

On the coding front, I have gotten back into doing more rapid prototyping again for my digital storytelling engine, and I’m do the prototyping using WebGL. And since I’m in the thick of things with that at the moment, I’ve volunteered to do an in-depth introduction to WebGL at a “JavaScript Tech Talk” night this Thursday. To be honest I’m a bit freaked out, as I haven’t given a talk in a long while and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty big turn out for it. But, I’m preparing for it and I think I’ve put together a good collection of information and examples that will be useful for those who haven’t done much in WebGL but want to get into it. Will do another post at the end of the week and I’ll let you know how my talk went over.

Okay, better get back to it! Lots to do this week!

Oh, almost forgot … the “Marvin Impulse Buy” … yeah, the little guy in the photo here is a USB key. I was in Staples one evening with a friend and I wasn’t intending on buying anything … but USB Marvin The Martian was on a shelf as we were approaching the cash registers and, well, just look at him! I so had to buy one.

Stay tuned … more posts are afoot.